Comparing Funeral Directors is Hard, Comparethecoffin makes it easy


The original idea For Comparethecoffin was to have safe place where people who need to organise a funeral can compare different options and compare like with like. This is so hard when it comes to comparing Funeral Directors.

The unifying thing about every funeral is “you need a coffin”, does matter whether it’s burial or cremation, Hindu, Christian or atheist. You always need the coffin!

So we were able to create a complete bidding platform offer this service completely for free without having to charge Funeral Directors or the Public a penny. is free to use for all Funeral Directors and always will be. Because we make a small margin on the wholesale coffins that we sell.

When we started we obviously had to attract Funeral Directors to register on We created a postal list of over 3000 funeral directors and sent a leaflet out to the entire list.

The responses were completely mixed, some funeral directors said it was the best idea they’ve ever heard. Others were completely hostile to the point being threatening: in the interests of prosperity I recorded the following genuine responses from Funeral Directors in the UK. N.B. Doesn’t matter geographically where they were. Be they a Funeral Directors in London, a Funeral Director in Leeds or Funeral Directors in Llandudno.

·         “We aren’t interested in competing for business”

·         “We don’t provide quotes for people who have been to other funeral directors”

·         “Unless I sell the coffin I’m not interested in doing the funeral”

·         “I don’t think I’m allowed to give out our email address, aren’t they confidential?”

·         In response to my phone call saying that we have family who’s really close to your office – “Sorry we aren’t interested in helping them”

·         “We don’t want to offer a price breakdown of our services as it will be confusing to people”

·         And personal My favourite – “We don’t have computer, apart the 2 in the offices!”

The savvy funeral directors out there, of which there are some, see this as an opportunity to win business they otherwise wouldn’t have got. Especially as the big players, Co-Op, Dignity and Funeral Partners control well over half the market. is there to help the best funeral directors reach the people they need to help and they should embrace competition and openness

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