Funeral Planning – what’s the advantage of making a Funeral Plan

Take Control of Funeral Planning

Chatting to a customer the other week who had been on to create an Immediate funeral plan for her parent who had just passed.

She explained that she had no idea which funeral director to use so using a comparison service was ideal. Explaining to her that we take no commissions or extra costs for this service and of course they can take advantage of our price guarantee when purchasing the coffin from us.

She said one of the real advantages was the ability to take a little time to collect your thoughts and get everything down in writing before speaking to any Funeral Director. We have found in our research that Funeral Directors often feel they need to take over from the person organising the funeral as they believe this would be better for them. We believe this loss if control is the wrong approach and completing a Compare the Coffin Plan enables the customer to have all their thoughts written down and be clear on the funeral they actually want to ahead with.

We do ask that the user pays for the coffin of their choice before sending their “immediate plan” out to all the funeral director listed, and the reason we do this is to ensure that Funeral directors respond to ‘Qualified Leads’ only and not fake ones.

When the customer buys the coffin they are free to choose any funeral director they like; either:

a)      A funeral director that has introduced

b)      A funeral director that the customer has contacted outside of our system, ie. From the local high street or a recommendation

c)       Or even decide to do a DIY funeral and we send the coffin direct to the mortuary, hospice or even the family home. has no favourites, as all need to know is where to send the coffin! We can obviously advise you if we’ve received good feedback for a Funeral Director as we collect Reviews on Funeral Directors from previous customers.

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