Introducing the English Green Willow Coffin


English Eco Coffin


At we are always looking for new and interesting designs to bring to the attention of the public.
So many funeral directors only offer a limited choice and then from only their favoured suppliers.
Funeral Directors that are part of large groups such as Co-Op or Dignity are restricted even further as they only offer products bought oir stock centrally by their group.
Either way core values the we aspire of , Choice, Value and Convenience as not available everywhere,  apart from here.
Especially we are interesting in promoting eco coffins from small British manufacturers who operate ethically and with low impact on the environment.  
We therefore would like to introduce the English green willow coffin
Made from willow grown in Sussex organically without use of fertilisers or pesticides. Green willow has very little processing involved giving it an very low impact, the willow is cut between November and February, then air dried outdoors for around three months. To make the willow flexible again it is soaked in water for up to a week before it can be worked. Unlike other willows it is not boiled, stripped or mechanically processed in any way.
These coffins are made with a woven base made purely of willow rods and native hardwood slats, no manufactured board, glue or toxic material is used. To make the curved end of the coffins we steam bend our wood around a mould giving us a flowing curve. Pride is taken to ensure materials are locally and ethically sourced and high levels of craftsmanship are maintained.  
It is important we are told whether the coffin is going to be cremated or buried as this affects the construction. Coffins use a woven base, if they are to be cremated a piece of hardboard is attached to stiffen the base.
We whole heartedly recommend these wonderful environmentally friendly coffins which are suitable for burial, natural burial and cremation.
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