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 Very recently we had a customer who contacted us to help her design and a specific coffin for her – Let’s call her JanetJanet wanted to arrange for her own very specific designed unique coffin and gave us real challenge.Additionally Janet wants to put in place a funeral plan to cover the cost of the funeral itself. I suggested that she gets several quotations 
If we’re looking for proof positive that the Internet has truly moved to Mobiles – (from Laptops and Desktops) – then the website creating a specific mobile version is that helps people to save money and buy cheap coffins and well as high quality Coffins and Caskets at the best value prices, create funeral plans and help compare Funeral Directors prices.After establishing that 58% of all traffic to came from mobile phones which we find amazing that such a high percentage of people are searching for coffins and comparing Funeral Directors on a mobile phone there was no option but to invest in a specific mobile website.
After 2 years since launching we have decided to write down what we've learntPlease read our new FAQ section, If we've missed anything please let us know!   
Click here to view article: is becoming an increasingly pricey business: the average cost of a funeral was this week put at £3,700. But if you choose to do it all yourself, with an eco-coffin, a basic cremation and an estate car or van instead of a hearse, it’s possible to get the cost down to a fraction of that – perhaps as little as £400.
 This year, the Royal London National Funeral Cost Index confirms funeral costs continue to increase ahead of overall inflation. In a year of record low inflation for the UK, funeral costs have increased by 3.9%, compared to an annual inflation rate of 1.0%, as measured by the Retail Price Index (RPI).• In 2015, the average cost of a funeral was £3,702, an increase of £140 on the 2014 figure. The average cost of a burial funeral is now £4,110 (up from £3,962 in 2014) and the average cost of a cremation funeral is now £3,294 (up from £3,162 in 2014).
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