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 Nelson Madela's funeral.  South Africa is a multi-cultural land, consisting of 11 different cultures. Within these cultures there are many religions, and many different traditions. These are a few of the common traditions of some of these religions. Rising funeral costs, shortage of burial space fuelled by the Aids pandemic, have led to some South African cultures rethinking their current methods of what to do with the bodies of loved ones that have passed.
The sky's the limit  Whether your loved one was a Star Trek fan, science fiction buff or just always wanted a ride in a rocket, we can help. 
 By Hatty Stafford Charles Embalming can be a choice or requirement, depending on your circumstances. It is a process that allows the deceased to be seen for a final time by family and loved ones which can be very helpful in the grieving process. Some people prefer the idea of delaying decay and of preservation as at the point of death - although of course this does not continue indefinitely - but usually preservation is only required up to the time of the funeral.
Stoneletters- finely carved, bespoke memorialsStoneletters is a creative letter cutting studio based in Oxfordshire which specialises in hand carved, bespoke memorials.  It is run by Fergus Wessel, one of the UK's finest stone carvers.
Hand carved headstones Provided by Stoneletters.comThere is a long tradition of hand carved headstones in the UK although with the arrival of machinery they were largely displaced by cheaper sandblasted granite headstones.  There has however been a revival in the tradition following the Arts and Crafts movement and the influence of people like Eric Gill.Types of Headstone
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