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The rising cost of dying: Average funeral now costs £7,600 and thousands are struggling to afford a fitting send off Study claims cost of funeral, burial and administration is up 7.1%Estimated  that 100,000 people w
RequirementsThe only legal requirements for a funeral are that the death must be registered, you must have a certificate authorising it and it must involve burial or cremation. Although you can start planning the funeral immediately, for instance by choosing a funeral director, you cannot make any firm arrangements until the death has been registered. If the death has been reported to the coroner the funeral may be delayed.
EnvironmentEcoffins Shipping FootprintAll of our coffins are designed so that the different sizes fit inside one another “Russian Doll” style, so that a 20’ container holds 198 adult sizes. As a result, just one tenth of a gallon of fuel is used to ship one of our coffins from the Far East to the UK. An average 40 mpg car can travel just 4.8 miles with the same amount of fuel.
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