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Read our guide to help ensure that the financial and emotional stress faced by friends and family in the event of your death is kept to a minimum.Funeral coverWhat are your options?A funeral planA savings accountPay out of your estateIsn't there any state help?More help !In order to save your family the trouble and strife, it's essential to make sure your life insurance policy includes enough cover to pay for your final send-off.
Things to think about when comparing Funeral Plans1.      Not all pre-paid funeral plan providers are members of the registered trade group – the Funeral planning authority?2.      Not all independent funeral directors use all pre-paid funeral plans providers3.      Age UK and Help the Aged sell funeral plans from only one provider?4.      Can I pick the funeral director of my choice ?5.      What happens if I move address?6.      Is my money safe ?
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Bob Dylan once sang the song, ‘The times, they are a-changin’ and how right he was, especially in the Funeral Industry.  Going,  going,  gone….are many of the traditions and ‘dyed in the wool’ practices that had been in the industry for so long, we do indeed have change.People now have more choices, such as, which Funeral Director to choose, which coffin, what type of ceremony, what music, and so on. The type of ceremony is now becoming one of the most important choices for many. Do they choose a ‘traditional’ religious ceremony, or as many are now doing, do they choose a non-religious ceremony, a ‘celebration of life’ ceremony?
Have you ever noticed that Funerals are quite expensive considering what you are getting? A big part of that cost is the price of the coffin or casket itself.Some funeral directors are quite happy to place a 400-600% margin on top of the cost of the coffin, and people at that time are usually in no mood to negotiate and also they don’t want to appear cheap!The worst offenders for this are the large chains of funeral directors such as Co-Op and Dignity which have a more commercial focus than a small independent funeral director.Also, beware the sign on the door. Even though it says ‘SuchandSuch & sons’ the business could have been taken over by a larger group who have left the name on the door.
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