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Death of death on the High Street?After tights and chewing gum, in the post-War years America gifted the UKanother legacy. The funeral car.In the post-War boom, as cars became more central to domestic living globally,the UK’s flashy American cousins introduced the funeral limo. It wasn’t longbefore it became de rigeur. Caretaking the body, shiny cars and a new set ofrituals involving men in suits, newspaper notices and floral arrangements,became the way to go in the modern age. Clean, functional, professional.Calling the nearest High Street funeral parlour has been the norm now for over50 years, and until recently, 97% of people continued to deal with a funeral as a
Coffin Prices vary tremendously.At we made a decision early on to only sell very high quality coffins and caskets. We know there are several people selling cheap coffins or bargain coffins online and even on ebay. A lot of these items are of low quality and often imported from China, which has helped give the direct coffin suppliers a poor name with some funeral directors and the public.
Nobody ever wants to be in the position of choosing a coffin. Whether it is for a dear loved one or for your own use someday in the future, picking a coffin can be about as appealing as having root canals performed on all your teeth at once. Yet it's possible to make an intelligent, creative choice when it comes to selecting a cradle for the remains of your beloved (or yourself).
 Cremation versus BurialWith the rising cost of funeral expenses today, many people are choosing cremation instead of burial. However, some people often have concerns about cremation. They want to be sure the practice of cremation is appropriate.This study offers a perspective, presenting the arguments both in favour and against the practice of cremation.Latest DevelopmentsBackgroundInterestingly, there is no specific teaching in the Bible about cremation. Although cremation accounts can be found in the Bible, it was not common or accepted at all for Jews or early believers to be cremated.
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