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 From the Metro 12th May 2012 What should have been a solemn occasion to mark the Egyptian man's passing rapidly turned into a celebration once everyone got over the shock of him still being alive.An Egyptian man shocked his family by being aliveThe 28-year-old suffered a heart attack while at work and doctors at a local hospital concluded he had died.
Here at we have a large selection of coffins to choose from in our catalogue  Most coffins used in Britain are our traditional British ‘Flat Lid’ sarcophagus shape, but in the last few years the choices offered have grown significantly.Different materials, such as Cardboard and Natural materials like Bamboo, Wicker, Willow and matted Banana leaf becoming increasingly more and more popular.
Welcome to the most visited page on this website! Why is it so popular?My own theory is that a coffin is one last gift to the person who has died which people want to buy themselves, not through the agency of a funeral director. Of course, buying direct can save you quite a lot of money, too. If you’d like to tell me why you have come to this page I’d be very interested to know.Choosing a coffin for someone is probably not a matter you have ever given much thought to, if any. When it actually comes to it, it can feel surreal.
When you arrange a funeral, the last thing your funeral director will show you is their range of coffins. It is generally considered the most poignant part of an arrangement and is thus broached only after all other aspects of the funeral have been dealt with.The intention of is to always provide the public with a sympathetic ear and strong shoulder, altruistic enterprise which was available to every person young and old in the UK - 24 hours a day. This will never change because the tenet of help and guidance is key to the company’s current success.
  Confessions of a Funeral Director Very enjoyable blog site about a young Amreican funeral director - We need a british version of this diagram !      
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